About The Newbies Bridge Club

{Old image of the founding members}

In Dargaville, 1939, Tom Hawkins and Josh Finwen, two bridge teachers, met regularly with friends to teach bridge for fun.  Eventually their regular get-togethers sparked curiosity in the local community and it wasn’t long before they were expressing their interest to play the game.

3 months later the first small group had their hands full teaching the rising number of interested players.  6 months later the numbers of keen players had risen to 100.  After a year a larger clubhouse was donated to the group by the community and they were registered as an official club by both NZ Bridge and Northland Bridge.

As the club had been dedicated to teaching new players right from the start, the club was named “The Newbies Bridge Club” and has continued teaching beginners to the card game ever since.

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