Upcoming Free Bridge Lessons for Newbies!


Our Thoughts on Free Bridge Lessons

Great news!  As a bridge Club made to cater to newbies, we are always looking for ways to attract more people, especially those new to the card game bridge.  After a discussion we decided we will be offering FREE bridge lessons to anyone new to bridge!  For more info, or to sign up for free lessons, please contact us!

Benefits from Free Bridge Lessons

Are you worried about bridge being too complicated or intimidating?  Maybe you’re worried about etiquette or the fact that you will be stuck with merciless players with tons of experience.  After some feedback in our blog posts, we found that some of you were not too happy to fork out money into a game you knew very little about.  This is all very understandable, so we have decided to help make things easier for you by giving you your first month of bridge lessons absolutely free!

At no risk to your wallet, you will be able to:

  • Learn to play bridge
  • Learn what bridge is all about, (you’ll see it’s not scary after all).
  • Learn bridge etiquette
  • Meet our members
  • Have fun with our friendly and experienced  teachers.

To sign up for free bridge lessons, please click here.  Or alternatively you can contact us for more information by clicking here.

Online Lessons

If you are still worried about coming to our lessons without knowing what you are doing, you can find bridge lessons online.  This way, you will be able learn to play bridge, at no cost, from the comfort of your own cozy home.  One such good site includes: Marlene’s “A Teacher First” website.  Marlene is so good at teaching, she even teaches her cat!


Your thoughts.

As always, we like to hear what you have to say, and what you are expecting from our club.  We love hearing your thoughts and opinions on the Newbies Bridge Club and what we do.  So please comment below!


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