Traveling the World: Where to Begin

Do you want to travel?


Are you the type of person who likes to discover new things?  To be pushed outside your comfort zone in a good way?  If so, then you will probably love travel!  You can learn new cultures, meet new people taste new foods, and experience things you never would experience beyond sitting at home watching the television.  What is not to like?

However travel isn’t for everyone.  Some people find they have plenty of things to discover in their own countries.  Others would prefer to put their money elsewhere, perhaps into their future.  Some may prefer to stay with family and friends.

What is your opinion on travel?  I view travel as a way to make more friends.  To discover new things and expand my mind.  To step out of my bubble of safety and see the rest of the world.  For another view on the pros and cons of travel, click here.

I recently discovered my passion for travel after visiting my place of birth: Samoa.  The culture and climate was so different to my own.  The roads were small and bumpy, there were no fences between houses.  It was so hot even at night that the windows were always kept open.  I also began learning Japanese, and through studying the language learnt much of the Japanese culture and way of life.

Different ways to travel.


So you have decided you want to travel so how do you go about it? There are many “styles” of travel.  Some prefer to travel as a tourist and get shown all the popular tourist spots before leaving the country.  Others, such as myself, would prefer to experience the country as if they were living there.  Wouldn’t that be the ultimate experience?  I would prefer to work and live in a country for a few months and go beyond the experience of the average tourist. For an excellent view on the subject, click here.

Then you need look at what you want to experience specifically in your travels.  Are you the adventurous type who likes an adrenaline rush, such as skydiving or hang-gliding?  Or perhaps you would enjoy sunsets, beaches and beautiful mountain treks?  For your wallet’s sake, it would be a good idea to plan ahead.  Or, like me, you could go with the flow and do everything spontaneously. You can click here for an article on travel personalities.



Money! Somehow we are always limited to what we can do by money.  Travel can be very expensive depending on how you travel, and where you stay on your travels.  $10,000 might seem like a lot, but it can be used up very quickly if you are not careful.  My only response to this is work!  Working in another country is like getting paid for your travels.  Of course there are many other ways to travel cheaply if you wish.  For tips on cheap travel you can check out this article here.


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