A Beginner Beginning Bridge


What is Bridge?

Do you know what bridge is? No, I don’t mean the path carrying a structure over an obstacle, I’m talking about the card game here.  If you don’t know, that’s completely okay!  I’m ashamed to admit before I started taking lessons at the Newbie’s Bridge Club, I barely had an idea myself.

Bridge is known as the king of card games and is played by millions of people over the world in clubs, international tournaments, and online.  The game is called contract bridge although there are popular variants including duplicate bridge and rubber bridge.  Click the following links for more information on Contract BridgeDuplicate Bridge or Rubber Bridge.


Discovering Bridge

At 21 years of age, card games never really interested me much.  Sure, sometimes it was fun to play a quick and simple game like “Last Card” or “Strip Jack Naked” with friends and family, but for the most part I thought they were dull games that had no real skill or challenge to it.  I preferred racquet sports like squash or tennis, where the game was fast-paced and relied on both mental and physical ability.  At least until I was introduced to Bridge.

One of my friends, who also knew very little about bridge, had recently been taking lessons from the Newbie’s Bridge Club and constantly asked me to join her.  I eventually gave in and tagged along to one of the free lessons the club was offering.  What I discovered was that the game was a lot more complicated than I thought, and offered much more of a challenge than Last Card did. There was a friendly and relaxed environment, so it was squash without the physical demand, in my mind at least.


Learning About Bridge

One of the things that attracted me to the game once I started learning, was that you had to have a partner, whereas in squash it was always one vs one.  In it’s simplest form, bridge is a trick-taking game, played by two teams of two, with a standard deck of cards without jokers.  Thereis an immense scope to the game, which would take too long to explain here.  For a better look at the rules of bridge, check out this article by clicking here.

After my first lesson I decided I wanted to learn more and eagerly began searching online.  I found that although it was helpful to read about bridge it was difficult to visualize everything I needed to. The Newbies Bridge Club made everything a lot simpler and easier than trying to learn online, although I did find this site very helpful in learning: http://www.ateacherfirst.com/blog/bridge/bridge-2/.

Sign up for Free Bridge Lessons.

Now that I have shared my experience with you, hopefully it has made you think about taking the next step to Learning Bridge.  The Newbies Bridge Club is now offering free bridge lessons, making that next step much easier for you!  You can read our blog about it free bridge lessons here.  Alternatively you can can contact us or go straight to our lessons page to sign up for free lessons.


2 thoughts on “A Beginner Beginning Bridge

  1. belindacullenreid

    Great to read your post. I’ve never played Bridge before, but I remember enjoying playing Euchre with my family when I was a child. Like Bridge, you also need a partner with Euchre. I think this makes playing cards a lot more fun as you’re trying to work as a team and guess what the other person is thinking. Never and easy thing to do 🙂


  2. greynoll

    I only play bridge on days that end in Y, heh, ain’t that the truth! Barely a second goes by where I’m not thinking about cracking open a game of bridge. I never knew there were so many variations! I love to check out your club – my current one is closed for public holidays and it’s making me antsy. The promise of free lessons makes it even sweeter – not that I need an excuse to play! Thanks for letting me know!



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